Friday, October 11, 2013

Tickets are Booked!

          Officially, I can now say that I'm going to attempt Aconcagua this winter. Tickets were booked last night before the prices could get any higher! I've been an avid follower of the price fluctuations on 6 major airline booking companies, and decided that it was time. We are flying out of Boston on December 15th with two connecting flights; one in Miami and one in Santiago, Chile before finally arriving in Mendoza, Argentina a mere 22 hours later...

          Now that the tickets have been purchased, the reality of my trip has completely hit me. I can't believe that this is actually happening! It still seemed like a cool idea, but an impossibility until I got the confirmation email. From a crazy idea to going to South America is amazing!

          I've set a picture of Aconcagua as my background on my computer so I have more some motivation to stay active and get psyched for this trip!

          A hora tengo que practicar mi espaƱol para comprender y hablar con los argentinos! (or is it por comprender...) Yikes, I'd better hit the books!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Update

So since my last post, a plethora of new and exciting things have developed!

          From where I left off last time, my family and I had a successful ascent of Mt. Katahdin  despite horrible rainy weather, but at least we got some fantastic pictures! Following our hike, we spent the evening in Millinocket, ME at the Highpointers' Konvention where, I was recognized with an official plaque of my high pointing accomplishment! There were a number of 50 state completers, but I was the only female of the group!

          The rest of my summer was spent working as much as I could and hitting the gym trying to get prepared for Aconcagua. I worked as a camp counselor, babysitter, house and alpaca sitter, ironer, painter, and customer service rep for my uncle's company! My summer culminated with a trip out west to Mt. Rainier with 2 other members of my Aconcagua expedition: my stepdad Bill and friend Jono. Since Jono had never been to altitude before, we thought Rainier would be the perfect place, especially since Bill still had to climb Rainier to get his 48th high point. The trip was wonderful and even though I forgot my liner socks, which led to horrible blisters, Bill and Jono were able to summit! I got to the crater rim and let them go to Columbia Crest - the true high point. We had planned to then attempt Mt. Adams, but my feet weren't up for it so we toured around Washington and Oregon until flying back home.

          After arriving back in Vermont, I had a filmmaker come to my house for the day and interview me and my family about our high pointing experience. Gary Wolff (former NatGeo filmmaker) and his wife Kathy are producing a movie about high pointing and they though that we would be good to highlight.

         Now, I'm back at school and still working just as hard this summer. I have four jobs at school because I still need to earn some more before our trip this winter. On top of that, I'm taking four rigorous classes, I've officially declared my major as Environmental Chemistry, and I'm still trying to stay active in clubs.

          In terms of my progress for Aconcagua, I have just recently finalized my team! There will be four of us, my stepdad, two friends from school: Jono and Jordan, and myself. We are departing from Boston on December 15th, just two days after finals end and flying to Mendoza. We've budgeted 21 days for our ascent including 6 or 7 extra days for weather or whatever else may arise. We should summit (hopefully) right around New Years and then be back home Wednesday January 8th.

          Then, the next day (Thursday), I'm flying out to Ouray, CO to give a presentation for Asolo at the Ouray Ice Festival. Ouray is an incredible outdoors ice climbing park and the festival is the biggest one in North America, I'm honored to be asked to speak! After giving a presentation at the festival, I'm also giving one to the Ouray high school, where I hope I can inspire kids, both male and female to learn about goal setting, self-discipline, persistence, and to love the outdoors as much as I do.

          That's all for now, but I encourage you to check out my new picture album covering my summer adventures!!!