Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello everyone!

My name is Kristen Kelliher and I'm on my way to becoming the youngest woman to complete the 50 Highpoints of the US. A Highpoint is the highest (by elevation) point in each state. A Highpoint can not be man-made, it is mostly a mountain, hill, or small offense Florida! I'm currently 17 years old and I've completed 46 of them as of 7/21/11.
When I was 9 years old I saw in the Guinness Book of World Records that the youngest boy to complete all 50 was 12. Naturally my competitive edge kicked in and I wanted to be younger than him and beat him. I didn't start highpointing until I was 10 and my parents thought it was just a brief interest so we started with local highpoints in the New England area. However, my interest merely increased and our quests for highpoints eventually brought us all over the country. Naturally we began with easier highpoints that we mere hikes, but some of the mountains were several day backpacks or technical climbs. Throughout these adventures my love for the outdoors, climbing, and mountains has grown. I hope to gain lots of support through this blog as I strive for my last 4 Highpoints!

Kristen Kelliher


  1. Kristen, this is wonderfully exciting. Good luck with the final highpoints. It will be a highpoint for us to watch you achieve your goal.

  2. No surprise to me, Kristen. I followed you through middle school and wish you the very best in the final hikes. I'm also very proud of your writing!!! I've got you bookmarked and will keep in touch. I had a wonderful student do a mountaineering I-Search this year, and I learned a ton!

  3. Hi, Kristen! What a wild and wonderful adventure you've created! I can only dimly imagine what wonderful pursuits you'll invent. And... do I sense a book growing here? Go for it!