Saturday, August 6, 2011

Headed to Montana!

Hi Climbing World,

I'm at Logan this morning for a 5:30 flight to Denver. Then were going to rent a car, drive to Red Lodge Montana, an try to summit Granite Peak the highpoint of Montana. We've given ourselves enough time to make multiple summit attempts if the weather doesn't cooperate initially. We'll start hiking tomorrow and spend 2 days hiking into Froze to Death Plateau. From there we're only a few miles from the top. We plan on having to belay a few pitches and rappel them on the way back down. With the worst possible scenario we'll be off the mountain on next Saturday. Hopefully we'll have some extra days and Bill can work on his heliostats in Cheyenne Wyoming on the way back to Denver. I hope I'll be blogging about a successful summit of Granite soon!

When I get back I'll also write up my Mt. Rainier (Washington's highpoint!)

Kristen Kelliher

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