Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Update and Pictures

Be sure to check out the "Pictures" page in the orange nav bar to see my expedition up Denali last spring!!

So I've finally posted the pictures of my ascent of Denali last spring, it only took me a year. I've captioned most of the images so you can correlate where I was in relation to the mountain. The views were incredible and every time I look through them I long to head back. Maybe in a few years, but who knows...

In other news, my flight is set to head out to the Cascades this August. I'm planning 8 days to finally get Bill to the top of Mt. Rainier so he can finish his 48 high points. With the extra time we're thinking about climbing other peaks such as Mt. Baker, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Saint Helens if weather and time allows.

In order to say on budget for my trip to South America this winter I've been busily working a my town's Recreation Department running a summer camp, babysitting, painting my house, ironing, house sitting, and working in my dad's office. It's been tough for me juggling so many jobs and the rainy weather to get out and go hiking or climbing, especially since I just got my wisdom teeth out but I've been good at going to the gym.

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