Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Aconcagua tomorrow!!

Well, we made it to Argenina with only a slight delay in Santiago, Chile yesterday mid-day. That afternoon we attempted to get our permits, got breakfast, lunch, and additional dinner foods. After organizing the food last night and eating a delicious steak dinner we went to bed. This morning, Nicolas from Grajales Expeditions - our mule service rescued us and we got our permits, but not without additional hassle with the banks. We spent our morning today packing and organizing. This afternoon weŕe taking a bus to Los Penitentes where were staying at the Ayelen Hotel. And tomorrow weŕe hitting the trail!

The lastest we will be back is January 6th. I might be able to get internet access at Plaza de Mulas depending on the price. If not Ill be sure to give a more detailed description when Iḿ not using a keyboard in Argentina.

Until then, hasta luego!


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