Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phase One of Climb Denali Complete!

Well I've got a week left of High School and I'm so excited! On Friday night I made the rest of my payment  to Rainier Mountaineering for an 8 day long winter expedition skills seminar. Check out the website:

Through this course I will learn all the skills I'll need for Denali, and what could be a better place to practice than on Mt. Rainier's glaciers with exposure to altitude, weather, and temperatures similar to those found in Alaska. I'm very excited because the guides for the trip were just posted: Brent Okita, Jason Thompson, and Elias de Andres-Martos, all guides I've had before!

On the sponsorship front, I've made contact with Smartwool and La Sportiva and I may be getting either equipment or some money from them, but I don't want to be too optimistic because there are many qualified sponsorship candidates and competition for companies is tough!

I'll keep you posted!
Kristen Kelliher

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